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Venue info support

More than 60 000 Centerwedding users search for a wedding ceremony venue each month. You can find many venues in your area on Centerwedding Don't miss the chance to tell them about your restaurant or café. If you are a local business owner, take advantage of one of the offers below:

Free placement

If you are the business owner or otherwise officially represent the business, create a free page in the Centerwedding directory right now.

To create a page, register and provide some basic information about the venue. The page will be added to the website instantly.

If you have any problems or need help with creating pages, contact our technical support.

Our goal is to maximize the scope of our database, so your company might already be present in our directory. If you notice that it is, but your listing contains inaccuracies, then you can create a new page for your company for free. We'll then delete the old page with the inaccurate information. You can also send us your comments.

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Priority placement

Special offer for VIP venues
If you want to highlight your venue in our directory and maximize your results from our site, then you can get a priority placement.
Priority placement
Free placement
Priority placement is always displayed at the top of the page unlike the free one.
Also available to you:

3D Views

Not for all cities

Our specialists will take photos of your venue and make 3D views. That will allow the site's visitors to view the venues from the most advantageous angle.

Personal Manager

A personal manager can update the online venue information on the page at your request, monitor the process and provide you with advice about any question you may have.