White Elephant Resort (ไวท์ อีเลฟเเฟ่น รีสอร์ท)

+66 44 53 0 705

2/1 อ.เมือง จ.สุรินทร์ 32000, Surin
+66 44 530 705
banquet hall

White Elephant Resort (ไวท์ อีเลฟเเฟ่น รีสอร์ท) - venue in Surin

Special features

Location In the city
Services for extra charge Decoration
Payment methods Cash, Bank transfer, Credit/debit card
Guests rooms 12 rooms, ฿500 – 750 for standard double room
Special features Wi-Fi / Internet, TV screens, Bathroom, Tables and chairs
Private parking for 15 cars
Alcohol service
Allowed to bring own alcoholic beverages
Room for the newlyweds
Guest rooms available

Well suited for